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About Us

Enjoy the view of the blue water of Bosphorus and the unique beauty of merging green and blue in the heart of nature, while observing the flying seagulls and drinking tea on the coast with the comfort of boutique hotel.

Leaving the stress, fatigue and unhealthy living conditions behind its doors, My Finest Bosphorus Hotel, with its unique style, hosts your health, peace, and happiness.

Ceilings decorated in the style of Selchuk era, natural parquet floor, luxurious lacquered furniture, nostalgic wrought iron, comfortable natural bed, desk, jacuzzi or a spacious bathroom equipped with the latest technology shower system, chandeliers and sconces of special design in each room are provided to your service.

From the window of your room, that combines comfort with aesthetics and elegance, you can watch the Bosphorus dividing the two continents. Feel peaceful in the rooms designed in different colors and styles and indulge yourself in the luxurious palace pleasures in the heart of the Bosporus.

Go beyond your dreams living the warmth and comfort you look for with our 2 bosphorus suites, 8 special, 11 deluxe, and 8 garden view rooms.

With the rich variety of natural, light and fresh products, cooked in accordance with healthy food principles and served with an excellent artistic taste, we turn our dishes into one of the best, unforgettable memories of your life.


Experience the historical masterpiece by the sea at a cozy boutique hotel, watching seagulls flying over the blue waters of the Bosphorus in the heart of nature where blue and green dance together, while sipping on your tea and taking in the picturesque views of the one and only Istanbul, the city of many tales, the cradle of many cultures.

My Finest Bosphorus Hotel, where you will leave the stress, fatigue and unhealthy living conditions caused by the hustle and bustle of the day at its door, hosts your health, peace and happiness with its unique style.

Ceilings decorated in the style of Selchuk era, natural parquet floors, luxurious lacquered furniture, vintage ferforje, handmade comfortable natural beds, chic desk, mirror-tv and sconces are standard in each room for our guests to enjoy.

If you can break away from the fascinating view of the Bosphorus. Design TV, wifi connection is at your service for you to have a pleasant time. You can enjoy the magnificent Bosphorus, which separates two continents, from the window of your room, where comfort is combined with aesthetics and elegance. You will feel very good by experiencing the pleasure and comfort of a palace in the heart of the Bosphorus. You will find peace in the concept rooms designed in different colors and styles.

Go beyond imagination by experiencing the warmth and comfort you seek with our 2 Bosphorus Suites, 8 Special, 11 Deluxe and 8 Garden view rooms.

With rich variety of natural, organic and light ingredients suitable for every taste, our dishes, cooked in accordance to healthy cooking methods and presented with an artistic touch, will turn into one of the unforgettable flavors of your life.